Avoiding tantrums: The essential guide to keeping the romance during your snow holiday

Join up after a lesson and help your significant other traverse their first chairlift ride

Get a lesson

Speaking from experience, if you’re heading up the slopes with your partner and they are a seasoned pro and you’re merely starting out, get a lesson.

Simply put, unless your significant other has the patience of a saint, all signs point to a novice-related melt down (excuse the pun). Get a lesson, sniff out the basics and then re-join the herd, saves a lot of frustration for all involved.

Refuel! No-one likes a 'hangry' snow buddy

Have a break

Other hot tips to keeping the romance alive during your time of the slopes; take breaks and re-fuel. Grab a hot coffee and take in the sights and sounds from one of the awesome on mountain cafes.

Take a moment

Make sure, amongst the hustle and bustle, that you stop and look up and just take in the surrounds, it’s a good way to appreciate just how beautiful life up the mountain is.

Patience is key

And finally, exercise patience. The mountain can be a busy place and everyone is there to enjoy themselves, be it novice or pro, a little understanding and patience will go a long way.